Home Counties Boxer Welfare

Adoption Procedures

If you are interested in adopting a Boxer from HCBW please contact one of our committee members.

We will ask you to complete a Homefinding Questionnaire so we can match the right dog(s) to the right home. This will be followed by a home visit by one of our representatives.  As and when a suitable Boxer comes on to our books will we then make arrangements for the introduction.

No papers are passed on with a rescue Boxer, only the vaccination certificate.  We will give you as much information as possible with regard to health, habits, likes, dislikes, degree of training and diet.  We will tell you all we know about the dog, but, remember, we do not know EVERYTHING and therefore cannot GUARANTEE ANYTHING.  We keep an interest in the dog, and it's welfare for life.  Should you adopt and your circumstances change adversely, then the dog MUST be returned to HCBW.

All Boxers are homed purely as companions, not to be kept in a kennel or used as guard dogs, and under no circumstances should they be bred from.  All Boxers should be neutered as soon as medically possible, if this has not already been done. We exist entirely on donations and various fundraising events, at the time of the adoption the new owners will be asked to make a realistic donation to help us carry on our work.

If you need to rehome your boxer, please contact any committee member for more information and a Relinquishing Form.