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This page features dogs in other rescues seeking homes.  All enquires should be addressed to the rescue named







Olly has been with the rescue for some months and has come along way in his training and is now ready to move to a forever home.  He is six years old , fun and  friendly but can be a little reserved when first in new situations.  Olly has not had the best start in life and because of his past experiences he will not be homed with children under 12.  Any older children will need to be savvy with the boxer breed.   If you would like to know more about Olly, contact Large Breed Rescue  on 07523 136963.

Here is a recent photo of Ollie looking relaxed and really ready for that home to call his own.







Trev has been in a home for over 2 years, having been taken in as an emergency foster after he was abandoned in kennels by his previous owner. He also had health problems.  He was very overweight and had problems with his back legs and couldn’t walk more than 10 steps.  A good diet, hydro treatment and lots of walks to build up his muscles have worked wonders. He is now an active chunky monkey.

Trev lived harmoniously with all the other dogs in the busy household up until 9mth ago when he took a dislike to one of the resident dogs and the situation between them became acute and even dangerous.  Despite trying a range of options and involving professional help nothing has worked and sadly the two dogs just cannot live together.  The sad bit about all of this is that Trev is actually one of the easiest dogs inside and outside the home.   He loves his food, his walks and company in human form.  He has lived happily with the other dogs in the house, but it would be best for him if he was the only dog or to have the company of a small female only.

 He has Rescue back up for life and this will be discussed with any potential new owners.
All the usual checks etc will be put in place.

If you think you could offer Trev a home please ring Catherine on 07816781224